"Franklin’s Wake" no.V 2014
model: Samantha Poelstra
alldogsg02heaven asked:
Beautiful discovery! Your images convey psychedelic rock anthems. Keep it up!

Ha really? Well cool and thankya. Also your blog is quite lovely to look at!

Anonymous asked:
You mentioned that you used pantyhose as a soft filter. I tried that but the images become too washed out. What do you do to prevent that?

pull it tighter on the lens or compensate by upping the contrast with curves in post. Just play around with it I guess

"Little Prince" 2014
Collaboration with Maxwell Runko

Marissa Bolen, 2014

photo of myself by Maxwell <3
Anonymous asked:
what camera did you use for Romani Affair?

it was shot on two cameras but the majority was shot on the 5d Mark II

short experimental film in response to a not so great week. 


killintrolls asked:
Hey! I loved that video. I sadly don't live close, but I would love to see the whole video! I'm not expecting it to be free on YouTube, but so you think you might sell it? I would love to buy a CD or pay to see it online. Do you think you might make it possible?

I’ll be able to post more about how we plan on releasing it out into the webiverse/universe closer to the release date. But i’ll absolutely keep you guys informed, i’m so excited about it! 

Anonymous asked:
Hey!! i really really like that trailer and want to see that film so badly now... but I live nowhere near you.. how can I see it? Dx will it be posted online anywhere?

Good question! I believe we will be selling DVD’s of the short film and behind the scenes directly after the release. It will eventually be available online, we just have to run it through the festival circuit first. SO basically it’ll be online after say a year or so? Nothing is set in stone yet but thats basically what our class has been discussing. 

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